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Our scholarship programme is aimed at graduates and advanced students of conducting and singing with the clear intention of starting their professional path in ensemble and choral singing in Germany.

The further training is intended to promote musical abilities in a special way, to expand knowledge and individual talents at a high level.
Conductors have the opportunity to work with professionally trained ensemble singers, who in turn can learn to contribute vocally not only as soloists, but above all in a group and to expand their singing technique. The participants receive in-depth stylistic training in various genres and epochs, preferably in German-language choral music. They are supported and taught by experienced vocal and conducting teachers and accompanists.

Who becomes a scholarship holder?

There are 20 places available for scholarship holders each year. The prerequisite is a command of the German language, at least at level A2. Interested graduates or students of conducting or singing apply to participate in our summer academy, which lasts several days. The most successful participants will receive the scholarship in January of the following year.

Work structure

The further training consists of five consecutive scholarship courses, each lasting 6 days, and a master course, also lasting 6 days. A German course accompanies the further training throughout the year. The work phases are divided into musicological introductions to the choral works, individual coaching, separate preparation of ensemble and conducting class and joint rehearsals. The scholarship holders are supervised, guided and corrected by the lecturers. At the end of each course there is a work presentation.In addition to the courses, the scholarship holders are given the opportunity for practical testing by participating in the choir projects if they are suitable.

Further training location

The place of further education is Görlitz. The scholarship holders live free of charge in the guest house of the EuropaChorAkademie, where the courses also take place. A fully equipped kitchen, communal washing machine and tumble dryer are available to the participants.


Participants receive a stipend of 400 € for each course attended. Travel costs and meals are borne by the scholarship holders alone.


In order to allocate the 20 scholarship places to suitable applicants, our selection process takes place annually in August in the form of a summer academy.

Who can apply and participate in the Summer Academy?

Students or graduates of the conducting and singing classes who are pursuing the goal of starting or continuing their professional career in Germany, preferably Saxony. The prerequisite is a command of the German language, at least at level A2. There are 20 places available for the scholarship: 16 for singing and 4 for conducting. The number of participants in the Summer Academy is limited to 28. 


Conducting >>> Participants in the conducting programme will be instructed at a high level in individual coaching sessions and as conductors in rehearsals in front of the ensemble. In addition to the refinement of percussion technique in the sense of holistic further training, the content also includes stylistics, choral repetition, rehearsal technique and efficiency, body disposition, behaviour in the case of intonation difficulties and treatment of vocal colouration.

Singing >>> Participants in the singing programme learn to work in an ensemble and are given tools to apply soloistic skills in a group context and to sing in a choir in a way that is easy on the voice. The programme focuses on group breathing and listening, vocal colour, mixing without vocal strain, diction and German language skills for the professional rehearsal context, among others.

Facts about participation

  • Participation in the Summer Academy is free of charge.
  • Sheet music will be provided free of charge as loan material at the beginning.
  • Costs for overnight accommodation, including breakfast in the guest house, will be borne by the EuropaChorAkademie.
  • The participants are responsible for their own meals. A kitchen is available.
  • Travel costs for arrival and departure will not be reimbursed.

The lecturers come from the ECA and cooperating music academies. The lecturers are selected individually and according to the topics.


Interested in a scholarship at the ECA? Then apply! The next application phase for the Summer Academy 2024 starts in May 2024.

Contact person: Catie Leigh Laszewski,
deadline: 30.6.2024